Private Labelling

A key player in the industry, IMD has been providing private label bottlings to major international customers for over 60 years.



& Service

As a supplier to many of the major retail chains worldwide for over 60 years, we are certified with the key relevant bodies for all your requirements.

Be it value-for-money, standard or premium, we can offer a full range of Bottled in Scotland products and ages to suit your requirements.  Malt, Blended or Grain Scotch whiskies are available.

Spirit preparation, blending and bottling is conducted by our fully accredited bottling operation, so you can entrust us with your entire order. We can assist you every step of the way, from selecting the spirit used and developing your own individual packaging requirements for bottling here in Scotland, or for bottling in your own country. 

For further details or to request a quote please contact us: