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Tamdhu Unveils 120th Anniversary Single Cask Distillery Team Edition

30th April 2018

Tamdhu Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky has released an exclusive Single Cask Distillery Team Edition, bottled to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Speyside distillery.

Selected by the 15-strong Tamdhu distillery team and bottled un-chill-filtered at cask strength, only 603 individually numbered scarce bottles will be released. Matured in a European oak first-fill sherry butt, the single malt has a smooth, long-lasting finish and a deep natural colour. 

To find the cask best suited to mark the momentous anniversary, a range of ages and cask types were selected, including European and American sherry oak, and blind-tasted by the expert distillery team

Sandy McIntyre, Distillery Manager at Tamdhu Distillery, said:

“The distillery team had a lot of fun nosing and tasting nine samples and voting for their favourites. The final top three were then selected for a blind nosing and tasting and ranked by each of the team members to agree on the winning cask.”

The victor was a European first fill sherry butt, which boasts an exceptional natural colour from years of maturing in Tamdhu’s traditional dunnage Warehouse Number Five.

Sandy McIntyre continued:

“This cask is something to savour and enjoy over a prolonged period. I would expect this bottle to be opened on special occasions when you would share a dram, or two, with close friends and family or even just to keep for yourself – selfish, perhaps, but who can blame you!”

 Tamdhu is owned by one of Scotland’s leading, independent family-owned distillers, Ian Macleod Distillers. Tamdhu Single Malt is matured exclusively in the finest Oloroso sherry oak casks from Spain, nothing less. This scarce wood bears two great gifts; colour and taste. Tamdhu’s deep natural amber is developed by the cask and each dram owes its rich, complex taste to the wood.

 Tamdhu 120 Anniversary Single Cask Distillery Team Edition is a distillery exclusive available at,RRP £250/70cl bottle.