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Glengoyne Distillery hosts launch of 'eat Scottish venison' day 2010

2nd September 2010

Photo caption 1: Richard Cook, vice chairman of the Scottish venison working group. Peter Russell, chairman of Ian Macleod distillers. Tom Lewis of Monachyle Mhor. Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead

Photo caption 2:  Callum McNicoll of Glengoyne Distillery, Chef Tom Lewis of Monachyle Mhor, Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead and Stephanie Kennedy of Glengoyne Distillery barbeque some sausages made with 17 Years Old Glengoyne Whisky

Two of Scotland's iconic products team up to give Eat Scottish Venison Day 2010 an extra push

Scottish Venison and Glengoyne have joined together this year to promote Eat Scottish Venison
Day (4 September), with Chef Tom Lewis of Monachyle Mhor demonstrating, with two new dishes,
how whisky and venison are a perfect partnership.

Visitors to Glengoyne Distillery's launch event sampled the new recipes from Tom Lewis, along 
with award-winning Glengoyne 10 year old, the perfect accompaniment. Guests were also able to
watch demonstrations by Tom, showcasing how easy it is to cook with venison.

Eat Scottish Venison Day and the website were first unveiled by the
Scottish Venison Working Group, a marketing alliance of Scotland's venison producers, in 2009
at Blair Castle.


This annual focus is designed to prompt chefs, caterers and food service companies, retail buyers and the general public to think about Scottish venison, to encourage them to ask for
it, and to visit the website.

Scottish venison is increasing in popularity; so much so that one major processor is now importing 15,000 carcases to meet current demand.

Attending the launch, Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

"Scotland is a land rich in primary produce with a vibrant food and drink sector. Consumers associate Scottish produce with outstanding quality and taste, and they are becoming increasingly aware of what's available on their doorstep and the associated economic, health and environmental benefits."

"I am determined to enhance Scotland's reputation as a world leader for quality food and
drink and Eat Scottish Venison Day will raise awareness of this iconic Scottish product. The
Scottish deer management industry is important to our economy contributing about £105m each
year and directly employing over 900 people.  A significant proportion of venison is now
produced to Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV) standards and it is one of healthiest
products on the market. Initiatives like this help demonstrate to consumers that venison is
an easy to cook, versatile and succulent food."


"Our 'provenance on a plate' toolkit encourages restaurants, pubs and cafes to show origin information on menus. This means that whether eating out or doing the weekly shop, consumers
have a greater opportunity to choose fresh, seasonal produce - such as Scottish venison. I am
pleased that the Working Group has succeeded in bringing together Scotland's main producers
of wild and farmed venison in a joint campaign to market Scottish venison."

Peter Russell, Chairman of Ian Macleod Distillers, hosts of the launch at their Glengoyne Distillery said:


"Glengoyne and Scottish venison is the perfect partnership both in terms of taste and as quality iconic Scottish products. We are proud to be working with the Scottish Venison Working Group, further enhancing Glengoyne's Real Taste of Malt, Real Taste of Food credentials."

Richard Cooke, Vice Chairman, Scottish Venison Working Group, said:

"We are looking at a tremendous opportunity. Venison has some of the best qualities in terms of health and nutrition of any meat, and we have a market that literally cannot get enough, fuelled by continuous welcome mention on food and cookery programmes and by leading chefs. We
also have a very strong local market being serviced through farmers' markets, farm shops and
local independent butchers. We need to capitalise on this, and one of the priorities of our
Group now is to develop and bring forward ways where we can meet this demand and increase the
value of this income stream to our rural economy. The potential is enormous."

Tom Lewis, chef and owner, Monachyle Mhor, Balquiddher, said:

"Chefs have always recognised Scottish venison as a great product - delicious, nutritious,
easy to cook, and perfect for creativity. It's a very versatile meat that lends to all types
of cooking, from exotic celebration meals to simple fare. Not only our local distillery,
Glengoyne's unpeated, natural taste is the perfect ingredient and accompaniment to the
recipes, bringing out the best qualities and flavours of the venison."

Tim Hughes, Chef Director, Caprice Holdings, said:

"Over the years that I have spent at the Caprice Group, I have noticed a significant change
in customers' tastes.  They are now very clued up about provenance, seasons and
sustainability.  And some are intent on keeping trim, so very watchful of the fat and vitamin
content of what they eat.  Scottish venison ticks the boxes, because it is a high quality
free-range product, with very little fat, a high percentage of protein and, to boot, it is
easy to cook.  We have it on the menus at many of our restaurants - The Ivy, J Sheekey, Le
Caprice, Rivington Grill and Scott's - during the season and it always proves very popular
with the customers."

Further information:

For Scottish Venison:

Dick Playfair or Rosemary Walker, Playfair Walker,  0131 445 5570,


For Glengoyne Distillery:

Alison Liddy or Laura Campbell, Profile Plus, 0131 554 6111,


Supporting Notes

1. Scottish Venison Day 4 September is being celebrated the length and breadth of the UK. Some of the activities include:

- Venison specials on the menu at Jamie Oliver's new Glasgow restaurant

- Scottish venison at The Ivy Restaurant and Rivington Grill Shoreditch, London

- Venison cookery course at Monachyle Mhor hosted by Tom Lewis

- National Trust for Scotland serving venison at several of its properties

- Two UK national pub/restaurant groups featuring Scottish venison on their menus in over 600

- The Blackface Meat Company mailing venison recipes to all its 'members'

- Great Glen Game launching new venison salamis and chorizos with a tasting in Edinburgh

- A new venison haggis burger launched by West Highland Hunting, Ardnamurchan

- Simple Simon's Honey Venison Collops Pie on sale through regional Waitrose stores

- Highland Game venison featuring in Maxine Clark's cookery demonstrations at the Dundee Food
and Flower Festival

- Dean's@Let's Eat, Perth featuring a new venison dish as a special for 4 September.

More information on and on Scottish Venison's Facebook page.

2. The Scottish Venison Working Group comprises: The Association of Deer Management Groups
(ADMG), the British Deer Farmers Association (BDFA), Cairngorms National Park Authority
(CNPA), Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS), the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA),
Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV).

3. Deer management, of which venison production is a part, is worth around £105 million pounds per annum, and accounts for 966 direct jobs and a further 1555 full time equivalents, many of these in remote rural areas (PACEC 2006). 3500 tonnes of Scottish venison are produced annually for UK and overseas markets.

4. Health benefits: venison is lower in fat than skinned breast of chicken, is higher in iron than any other red meat, it contains omega 3, it is low in cholesterol, and is free of any antibiotics or growth promoters.

5. Owned by independent family company Ian Macleod Distillers, Glengoyne, Scotland's most beautiful distillery, has been producing its unique and complex Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky for over 175 years. Using methods passed down for generations, Glengoyne has nurtured
and perfected the art of producing the authentic taste of Malt Whisky.
The result is a portfolio of multi-award winning whiskies including the core 10, 12, 17 and
21 Years Old range, as well as a Cask Strength 12 Years Old and special limited edition
Single Malts, released each year.
Only the slowest distilling process, untainted by peat smoke creates Glengoyne - THE REAL

6. Glengoyne Encourages Responsible Drinking.