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Glengoyne Launches Brand New Burnfoot

22nd October 2007

Dumgoyne; 22nd October 2007; Glengoyne has announced the launch of a brand new addition to their award-winning Highland Single Malt range - Glengoyne Burnfoot.

Glengoyne Burnfoot

Marketed as a premium luxury product, this new single malt will be available worldwide, exclusively through Travel Retail outlets.

The brief was to attract a new, curious and aspiring target audience to take their first steps on the Glengoyne journey: the design positions itself at the heart of the Glengoyne range by taking the original 1833 name of Glengoyne Distillery ('imaginatively' named by George Connell - Burnfoot - as it sat around a burn) and its GPS location as its basis.

The name has heritage but the design takes the brand essence and adds a modern twist with fluorescent colour and contemporary typography. The label uses modern contour mapping references depicting Dumgoyne. The burn itself is illustrated in gold as though the whisky is flowing through the landscape itself. The luxury box utilises fluorescent yellow and is crowned by a distinctive brushed aluminium clasp for extra 'wow' and stand out on shelf.

"Glengoyne Burnfoot is a whisky that has gone back to the future", said Iain Weir, Marketing Director of Ian Macleod Distillers. "Burnfoot combines almost 200 years of whisky-making expertise with a twist of 21st century creativity. The result is a subtle and complex whisky".

Burnfoot is unaged but contains only Glengoyne single malt whiskies up to 34 years and is therefore a very high quality product that represents an interesting cross section of the Glengoyne character.  Available in a one litre bottle at 40% volume, Burnfoot will retail for a standard recommended global price of â?¬36/.

Iain Weir continued, "We tasked our most talented young blender in conjunction with our distillery manager to prepare Burnfoot.  Using a healthy percentage of first fill sherry casks, it offers a slightly smoother and sweeter taste than certain other variants in the Glengoyne range, but at the same time retains the distinctive qualities and depth of the whisky. It is therefore ideally positioned to appeal directly to whisky drinkers new to the Glengoyne brand".

The Travel Retail market will be a key focus for Ian Macleod Distillers over the next five years, who are aiming to increase their presence, volume and profit in global Travel Retail.  Developing exclusive Travel Retail products, such as Glengoyne Burnfoot, will form an essential part of this new and exciting  strategy.

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For more information contact:

Iain Weir

Marketing Director

Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd.

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Tasting Notes


Shining gold with orange hints.


Quick to form and lots of them.


Fresh honey, vanilla, citrus skins, green apple, gentle cinnamon, some spice.


Very smooth, almonds, sweet. green banana, oak, cream sherry.


Quiet long, stewed apples, butterscotch, dry.