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20th November 2006

20 November 2006, Dumgoyne: Glengoyne officially launch their newly repackaged 10 and 17 Year Old whiskies today.

new presentation perfectly captures the key values at the heart of
Glengoyne: pride in their distillery and a commitment to producing
exceptional whisky. The introduction of detailed tasting notes on both
the bottle and tube, written by the very men who make the whisky, bring
the malts to life.

The launch of the repackaged 10 and 17 Year
Olds will be followed by a repackaged 21 Year Old early next year. The
new packaging of the core range is designed to give consumers a greater
understanding of the differing ages of the Single Malts. As well as
greater prominence of the age statement on the labels, the packaging
becomes progressively more premium with age. The super premium 21 Years
Old will be presented in a high quality gift box.

There are
also some generic changes across the core range. For example, the
introduction of a subtly revised Glengoyne logo, which depicts ears of
golden barley, is embossed on both the new glass bottle mould and tube.
The distillery's long and illustrious history is now highlighted by the
'Since 1833' imprinted at the bottle neck.

The introduction of
texture to the tubes and labels as well as the use of richer versions
of the existing colours adds value, as does the subtle changes in label
shapes, name styles and print scale.

Glengoyne prides itself on
practising traditional methods and craftsmanship. The new
outer-packaging reflects this with a more detailed description of the
whisky making process and a line illustration depicting all the natural
elements involved.

Finally, the numerous prestigious awards
received by the brand, which include 'Best of the Best' from Whisky
Magazine and Double Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits
Competition, are also highlighted on the tube for the very first time.

Weir, Marketing Director at Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd, said: "We are
delighted with the new packaging. By making the range progressively
more premium with age, the new design complements the exceptional
quality of Glengoyne Single Malt whisky and really showcases the brand".

Glengoyne is one of the leading premium malt whiskies in the world and
has been distilled at Glengoyne distillery since 1833. The Glengoyne
portfolio consists of the 10 Year Old, 12 Year Old Cask Strength, 17
Year Old and 21 Year Old, as well as limited special vintage bottlings.

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