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18th August 2003

Cask Strength Malt Whisky
recently been re-packaged and is due to be re-launched by Ian Macleod
Distillers Ltd


"As well as new front and back labels for the brand we have also added
value by switching to a cork and capsule,
moving from a vatted malt to a single
, adding an age statement - 8
years old
and defining the malt whisky region - Highland", said Iain Weir, Head of Marketing.


The original concept of the brand
has not changed, however we felt it necessary to upgrade its packaging to suit
today's more sophisticated market. "It is amazing how the initial concept
is even more relevant today than in the past, said Iain Weir, Head of Marketing,
as consumers are increasingly looking for a completely natural and top quality
product". The concept of 'AS WE GET IT'
is to select individual casks of single malt Scotch whisky which we believe are
of exceptional quality. It is not chill filtered and no water is added so it
can be considered "pure and natural". The colour of the whisky in
each bottle can change as the colour is influenced by the oak casks in which it
is matured.


has a strong following in the independently run pubs and specialist whisky
retailers of Scotland, and indeed much further afield as it is also exported to
various markets around the world.


"We are very enthusiastic about
the new packaging of 'AS WE GET IT'
and we are sure that this brand will grow significantly in stature", said
Iain Weir.


"It is a wonderful whisky
produced in the old fashioned way"!


For more information and a bottle
shot please see link 'AS WE GET IT'