A key player in the industry, IMD has been providing bulk whisky and spirits to major international customers for over 60 years.

 Bulk Whisky

We can supply Scotch whisky in bulk for bottling in your own country as either Scotch Whisky or for producing your own local whisky. Our stocks are unrivalled in the industry with a large range of Malt Whisky, Blended Whisky or Grain whisky of various ages. Blends can be tailored to suit your individual requirements or you can choose from our extensive range. 


Bulk Shipping

With a dedicated shipping department that are experienced in handling bulk shipments all over the world, we have vast knowledge of the necessary paperwork required for each market and have access to advantageous shipping rates.

Bulk can be shipped in plastic drums, 1000L cubes or in ISO-tank containers of up to 28,500L capacity. 




Contact Bulk Sales

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