In 1861, after owning and running a successful public house in Glasgow, Gavin & Alexander Lang decided to take a somewhat risky step and went into business making and selling their own blended whiskies.

Perfecting their range based on the tastes and palates of the spirited folk that filled the Scottish taverns, their blends prospered. This legacy strongly lives on; we are still producing uncomplicated, tasty blended Scotch whisky for you to drink the way you enjoy.

Mix it or drink it straight; it has always been, and will always be between you and your taste buds.

Smooth & Mellow: Lightly citrus on the tongue, fruity and spicy on the nose

Rich & Refined: Fruity tang on the tongue, a sniff of vanilla on the nose

Full & Smoky: Peat and heather on the tongue, floral smoke on the nose