“A Superstar Whisky That Gives Us All Reason To Live!” – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Unusually for a blend, Isle of Skye carries an age statement – 8YO, the recognised age of maturity for many malts, describes the youngest whisky in the blend, though most are much older.

Inspired by that most widely celebrated of Scottish islands, home of the Clan Macleod, Isle of Skye Blended Scotch Whisky contains a high proportion of carefully selected island and Speyside malts.

“A Superstar whisky that gives us all reason to live! A textbook blend and an absolute must for any Islay-philes out there – in fact, a must for everybody! Your tastebuds are beaten up and caressed simultaneously. One of the most enormous yet brilliantly balanced whiskies in the world.” – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Also available at 12YO, 18YO, 21YO, 50YO and Travel Retail Exclusive Isle of Skye Elgol.