‘An Intricate Blended Malt, Lovingly Handcrafted’

This premium blended malt whisky which has been entirely matured in first class sherry wood, has been bottled in its most natural form at 40%. This beautiful spirit is deep golden brown. The initial impressions are dry, nutty sherry notes, a touch of creamy vanilla and a hint of ginger, with an overall finish that can only be described as long satisfying and well rounded.


The Feathery celebrates original Scottish craftsmanship. The whisky is like the original golf ball – lovingly handcrafted.


In the 17th Century Scottish craftsmen innovated a compact ball made from hide and stuffed with feathers, which we now recognise as the predecessor of the modern golf ball. The Featheries are very valuable and were sold at a huge premium even at the time of their manufacture, as it took great force to pack a leather hide with the traditional “Top Hat Full” of chicken feathers and then to round the product into an aerodynamic shape.