Wincarnis Wines

Tonic and Ginger Wine

"Enjoyed for Generations Since 1887"

  • Wincarnis Tonic Wine was first produced in 1887 and is celebrating over 125 years of proud history
  • Ian Macleod Distillers acquired Wincarnis Tonic Wine when it bought the business of Hedges & Butler in 1998
  • Wincarnis Tonic Wine is a carefully formulated blend of enriched wine and malt extract with a unique infusion of selected therapeutic herbs and spices including gentian root, mugwort, angelica root, balm mint, fennel seed, coriander seed, peppermint leaves, cardamom seeds and cassia bark
  • Wincarnis Tonic Wine is a natural tonic incorporating herbs traditionally recognised for their ability to combat common ailments and alleviate their symptoms.  It is rich in vitamins, especially energy-giving Vitamin B complex, and can have beneficial effects on the circulation system and blood pressure
  • The brand is usually taken straight, although it has been known to be mixed with gin and known as "Gin and Win"!
  • Wincarnis Tonic Wine is enjoyed in the United Kingdom, and its export business continues to expand, with the brand being consumed in both duty free and domestic markets throughout the world including Singapore, Malaysia, USA, West Indies and the UAE amongst many others
  • Wincarnis Ginger Wine is a new variant to the Wincarnis original Tonic Wine
  • It contains the same unique blend of herbs and spices used to make the original Wincarnis Tonic Wine, and therefore it has the same positive health benefits.  However, it has also been soaked in natural ginger, which gives additional benefits to the digestive system
  • Wincarnis Ginger Wine is delicious served on its own, with ice, as a base in other mixed drinks, and as a cooking ingredient.

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