King Robert II

King Robert II Range of Spirits

  • Our best selling range of spirits with sales in excess of 500,000 cases per year
  • Repackged in 2011 for added value, premium and shelf stand out
  • Sold in over 40 markets worldwide
  • Brand leader in 5
  • In many Duty Free outlets
  • Its competitive pricing, allied to its good quality, has led to a high level of repeat purchase
  • KING ROBERT has consistently grown by over 20% per annum for the last few years
  • A&P support is available in the form of Point of Sale materials such as glasses, pens, bottle openers, bar towels, posters etc.TV advertisements available
  • A wide range of sizes: 20cl., 35cl., 70cl.*, 75cl.* and 1.0 litre.*




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