Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The slowest distilled whisky in Scotland

Crafted with time and care

Our stills are Scotland’s slowest.
Unhurried, our spirit benefits from the gentlest of journeys, developing the unique Glengoyne flavour.

We dry our barley by air, never peat.
This unlocks the subtle, complex flavours of slow distillation and exquisite wood.

Our colour comes from time and wood alone.
Why would we add anything else?

Hand-selected sherry casks.
The home for almost all the spirit that will become Glengoyne highland single malt.

Fine casks need space to breathe.
We stack them just three high, in the cool darkness of our stone-built warehouses.

We’ve been learning our trade since 1833.
Why change something that took generations to perfect?

  • Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky– available in a range of ages 10,12,Cask Strength,15,18 and 21 Years.
  • Glengoyne also produces a highly popular Personalised Whisky
  • Glengoyne 15YO Distiller's Gold and Glengoyne Burnfoot are available as Travel Retail Exclusives.


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